• Asia Bibi finds freedom

    Prison guards chained Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi by her wrists and neck in a squalid cell while other prisoners taunted her, according to her newly published book. “You already know my story through the media,” she said. “But you are far from understanding my daily life in prison or... Read more
  • Free at last

    They said it was the best Christmas in 30 years. On Dec. 25 thousands of Sudanese filled the streets of Khartoum, welcoming not only the birth of Christ but also news that they could celebrate it openly. President Omar al-Bashir outlawed public Christmas celebrations in 2011. Throughout a... Read more
  • Asia Bibi, Modern Confessor of the Faith

    Asia Bibi, at last, has spoken. Earlier this month, the Catholic mother from Pakistan who, for the past decade, became this century’s international face of persecuted Christians and stirred governments throughout the West into action on her behalf, released several short video tapes from a... Read more
  • Christians in Burkina Faso face options: ‘Flee, convert or die’

    YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon - Christians in Burkina Faso are being forced to “flee, convert or die” by Islamic jihadists, according to a leading Catholic aid charity. Burkina Faso’s government said on Monday that suspected extremists have carried out two attacks killing a total of 29... Read more
  • Egypt Reinstates Hate Preaching against Non-Muslims

    Egypt’s leading authorities have reinstated a notoriously “radical” cleric and hate preacher to the pulpit (minbar), despite strong opposition. According to Arab Weekly, “The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments, which controls the mosques, gave Yasser Burhami, the deputy head... Read more
  • From DC to Mecca, Should ‘Human Dignity’ Be the New ‘Religious Freedom’?

    In his opening remarks at the second US Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo challenged every major world religion and secular society—and also invited them in. “We all agree that fighting so that each person is free to believe, free to assemble, and to... Read more
  • Catholic woman with schizophrenia being held for blasphemy in Indonesia

    A mentally ill woman who identified herself as a Catholic is being held for blasphemy in Indonesia after an incident last week in which she brought a dog to a mosque and did not remove her shoes inside. The woman, who has a schizophrenia diagnosis, was arrested on July 2 for blaspheming... Read more
  • How Britain failed Asia Bibi

    At last, Asia Bibi is free. Six months after her acquittal on a trumped-up charge of blasphemy, the Pakistani government has confirmed that she has left the country. After nearly a decade behind bars, awaiting execution, she is now in Canada – where last week, for the first time since her... Read more
  • Can the Brits Define ‘Islamophobia’?

    What criticisms of Muslims can be censured, sanctioned, or prosecuted? What kind of statements will we deem Islamophobic? The debate is starting to happen in the United Kingdom, and it will surely happen soon in American universities, corporations, and perhaps our legislatures. We ought to start... Read more
  • Another Sunday Church Attack in Burkina Faso Kills Six

    For the second time since Easter, a church in Burkina Faso has suffered a terrorism attack during Sunday services. This time, the target was a Catholic church in Dablo, where the priest and five worshipers were killed. This prompted a series of déjà vu headlinesamong global media outlets as... Read more