• Vatican publishes guidelines for Easter celebrations during coronavirus

    The Vatican department for liturgy published guidelines Friday for bishops and priests on the celebration of Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter liturgies during the coronavirus pandemic. The document recommends that bishops postpone those liturgies which may be postponed. It also indicates... Read more
  • How Would the Media Cover the Resurrection?

    How  would the secular media have reported on the Resurrection? In this piece from Credo Magazine, Al offers his take  The body of Jesus of Nazareth, the controversial rabbi who was executed recently, continues to elude authorities. It disappeared from its burial place sometime during... Read more
  • Pope Francis’ Easter ‘Urbi et Orbi’ Message 2019

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Easter! Today the Church renews the proclamation made by the first disciples: “Jesus is risen!” And from mouth to mouth, from heart to heart, there resounds a call to praise: “Alleluia, Alleluia!” On this morning of Easter, the perennial youth of the... Read more
  • The Story of the Crown of Thorns

    When the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady (Notre Dame) in Paris caught fire earlier this week, the world was mesmerized by the apparent destruction of such an historical and holy edifice—one of the most widely recognized and frequently visited structures in the world. Although the soaring... Read more
  • Walking Where Jesus Walked: ‘Holy Stairs’ Reopen to Pilgrims

    ROME — For the first time in almost three centuries, the stairs that Jesus is said to have climbed to receive his death sentence from Pontius Pilate are accessible to pilgrims in their original version. Since 1723, at the request of Pope Innocent XIII, the Scala Sancta (Holy Stairway) was... Read more
  • Understanding the Holy Triduum

    [caption id="attachment_91580" align="aligncenter" width="682"] Jaume Huguet, “The Last Supper”, c. 1470[/caption] The feasts of Holy Week—Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter—are fulfillments of the three spring Jewish feasts with which they originally coincided. We... Read more
  • Ten Ways to Meditate on Christ’s Passion

    Saint Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises — in the third week of the month retreat which is dedicated to the contemplation of the Passion of our Lord — accentuates the fact that Jesus suffered all in His Passion for me… This is very intimate and personal! In other words,... Read more
  • How to Keep Holy in Holy Week

    How to Keep Holy in Holy Week “Hi mom!” Came a cheerful voice at the other end of the line. “We’re eating out and catching a movie.”  Instead of my usual,”Fine, don’t be too late,” I hesitated. Although it was our usual Friday night conversation, this wasn’t just any Friday... Read more
  • The Revolutionary Message of Palm Sunday

    The texts that Christians typically read on Palm Sunday have become so familiar to them that they probably don’t sense their properly revolutionary power. But no first-century Jew would have missed the excitement and danger implicit in the coded language of the accounts describing Jesus’... Read more
  • Why Christians believe in resurrection, not reincarnation

    Denver, Colo., Dec 28, 2018 / 11:01 am (CNA).- Every time Christians recite the Apostles’ Creed, they affirm their belief in what will happen to them after death: “'I believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting.” The belief in the resurrection of one’s physical body... Read more