• ‘Messiah’ Series to Air on EWTN Starting Holy Saturday

    In time for the Easter-to-Pentecost liturgical season comes Messiah, an eight-part film series that will air on EWTN beginning April 11. Filmed in almost 30 locations from the Holy Land to the United States, including Rome and the Vatican, the sweeping scope... Read more
  • “Father, Forgive Them, for They Know Not What They Do!”

    It seems to be a fact of human psychology that when death approaches, the human heart speaks its words of love to those whom it holds closest and dearest. There is no reason to suspect that it is otherwise in the case of the Heart of hearts. If He spoke in a graduated order to those whom He... Read more
  • Text of the Stations of the Cross for 2020, led by Pope Francis

    Prepared by the chaplaincy of the ‘Due Palazzi’ House of Detention in Padua. STATIONS OF THE CROSS 2020Meditations from Padua Prison Introduction The meditations on the Stations of the Cross this year were prepared by the chaplaincy of the “Due Palazzi” House of Detention in... Read more
  • What Can St. Augustine’s Penitential Eucharistic Fast Teach Us Today?

    It’s a fair bet that many Catholics have done more spiritual reading than usual during this Holy Week of isolation, and many will have chosen Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week, perhaps the most learned book of biblical theology published in generations. Another... Read more
  • A ‘Dry Mass’ for Holy Thursday

    This little devotion may be used on Holy Thursday in the present circumstances when it is not possible to go to the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Ideally it is led by the father as the head of the family—if it is prayed in a family—but otherwise of course it may be led by the mother, eldest... Read more
  • Coronavirus and the Seven Last Words of Christ From the Cross

    These meditations are dedicated to Cardinal George Pell, a courageous shepherd of the flock and a faithful son of the Church. He has suffered for his fidelity. Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever. There is a venerable Good Friday custom, that of the Seven Last Words, made most famous... Read more
  • ‘The Strongest Argument…’ What Pope John Paul II Teaches Us This Holy Week

    There are two things that can safely be said about the pontificate of Pope St. John Paul II. One, that here was a man steeped in the love of God and love for the Church, which he governed for 27 years with wisdom and courage. Two, that his many years spent as Vicar of Christ were similarly... Read more
  • Holy Week Lessons in a Time of Pandemic

    I live for Holy Week. I know that I’m not alone in my love for Holy Week and the Triduum. While an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, I was one of many students who would line up outside the doors of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart for hours before they were opened... Read more
  • Steven Greydanus: Holy Week is Almost Here, and I Have Coronavirus

    When the nurse practitioner said, “Your test was positive,” I almost involuntarily burst out, “Oh, thank goodness.” I had been fearing a negative result for days. I wouldn’t have trusted it, for one thing — I was pretty sure I had COVID, and that my lady Suzanne did as well,... Read more
  • Coronavirus Quarantine Streaming Options for Lent and Easter (and More)

    In the last few weeks, articles about movies to stream while quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic have proliferated across the internet almost as fast as the virus has spread around the world. What makes this article different? Five principles went into the picks below: To begin... Read more