• Mayor Pete at Notre Dame

    In late June the University of Notre Dame announced that Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend and sometime 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, had been named a 2020-21 faculty fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS). Meghan Sullivan, a professor of... Read more
  • Supreme Court rules religious schools shielded from teachers’ employment discrimination claims

    The Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision on Wednesday that civil courts cannot get involved in employment discrimination claims brought against religious organizations where the employee served a religious function. The decision expanded on a previous ruling from 2012... Read more
  • Righting a Historic Wrong

    A century-old constitutional provision will no longer block religious schools in Montana from receiving fair treatment. The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down the state’s Blaine Amendment, which barred public aid from going to educational institutions “controlled in whole or in... Read more
  • Sacred Heart Seminary Mourns Passing of Dr. Mark Latkovic

    Dear friends, Today the seminary community received the very sad news that Dr. Mark Latkovic, professor of Moral and Systematic Theology, passed away suddenly.  Dr. Latkovic taught at Sacred Heart since July 1990. He has served faithfully and generously over the years, and truly... Read more
  • Harvard Anti-Homeschool Conference Cancelled

    Mother Helping Son With Homework Sitting At Desk In Bedroom A conference at Harvard Law School for critics and educators opposed to home education has been cancelled, according to sources.The “Homeschooling Summit: Problems, Politics, and Prospects for Reform” conference was... Read more
  • Elites Go to War on Homeschooling — Just When Everyone’s Doing It

    We’re all homeschoolers now. Schools have closed for more than 55 million students nationwide, and at least 34 states have shuttered schools for the rest of the academic year. Just in time, our media and academic elites are coming out swinging against homeschooling. The Washington... Read more
  • Proposals to Ban Homeschooling Are an Attack on Pluralism

    A prison commposed of “reading,” “writing,” “arithmatic” (yes, “arithmatic”), and the Bible. That is how an illustration in the latest issue of the Harvard Magazine portrays homeschooling. While other children run and play outside, the poor homeschooler squints out between the... Read more
  • The Threat of Free Speech in the University

    Free speech in a university is a very different thing from free speech in Congress or Parliament, freedom of the press, or free speech in the street. Each milieu has its own conventions and traditions, and each must protect its freedoms for its own purposes and with a view to its own... Read more
  • LA Inserts Planned Parenthood Between Parents and Children

    When officials from the County of Los Angeles announced a new program to staff “Well-Being Centers” on 50 high-school campuses with Planned Parenthood employees, they noted that the “full range of sexual services” provided to students at these centers will be completely... Read more
  • Archdiocese faces third discrimination complaint over same-sex marriage policy

    The Archdiocese of Indianapolis on Wednesday defended its decision not to renew the contract of a school employee who publicly defended the same-sex marriages of two former colleagues. Kelley Fisher, who had worked as a social worker at Roncalli High School for 15 years, lost her job last... Read more