The Good Fight – March 27, 2010 – Hour 1

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    First Topic– Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System---and Themselves

    Andrew Ross Sorkin delivers the first true behind-the-scenes, moment-by-moment account of how the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression developed into a global tsunami. From inside the corner office at Lehman Brothers to secret meetings in South Korea, and the corridors of Washington, Too Big to Fail is the definitive story of the most powerful men and women in finance and politics grappling with success and failure, ego and greed, and, ultimately, the fate of the world’s economy. Through unprecedented access to the players involved, Andrew is here to re-create all the drama and turmoil, revealing neverdisclosed details and elucidating how decisions made on Wall Street over the past decade sowed the seeds of the debacle. This true story is not just a look at banks that were “too big to fail,” it is a real-life thriller with a cast of bold-faced names who themselves thought they were too big to fail.

    Second Topic – Prof. Rice on Homosexual Activity: 'Right or Wrong?' What Notre Dame Would not Print


    Charles Rice is an outstanding Catholic lawyer, Notre Dame professor, and faithful Catholic man who understands the vocation to live the fullness of the Catholic faith in his family and his professional life. He is an example of being what the Church calls "morally coherent." Charlie is one of the preeminent Catholic Legal Scholars in the US and beyond. So why would the Notre Dame student newspaper "The Observer" refuse to publish Dr. Rice´s regular column "Right or Wrong" because of its clear statement of the Catholic teaching on homosexual activity as morally wrong? We discuss the article and the refusal with Dr. Rice.

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