The Good Fight – June 12, 2010 – Hour 2

  • Description:

    First Topic– Ecumenical Babel

    Jordan Ballor is here to present a critical and constructive engagement of the teachings of mainstream Protestant denominations on social and economic matters. Ecumenical Babel is an insightful primer on the challenges facing the ecumenical movement and it invites us to deeper reflection on ecclesiology, ethics, and economics as we consider the future of ecumenical roles and relationships.

    Second Topic – Trends in Evangelicalism / Prosperity Gospel

    Dr. Anthony Bradley examines the destructive impact that the “Prosperity Gospel” – the teaching according to which health and wealth are rewards for those who believe in a certain way, has on both human flourishing and authentic Christianity. We outline more constructive connection between wealth, economics, and Christian theology.

    Third Topic – Toy Story 3

    Reach for the sky.” That’s how it all began, fifteen years ago: a laconic, drawling challenge from an intrepid pull-string sheriff in a tense bedroom stand-off with a tuberous one-eyed desperado. There was swagger and panache in this self-assured proclamation that a new power had entered the fray, that the rules of the game had changed. It was Pixar’s Toy Story, and the story is now complete with the release of Toy Story 3. Steven Greydanus is here with the review.

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