The Doctor is In – March 24, 2010

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    First Topic – Unborn Jesus Our Hope

    We have a very creative and profound reflection on the first days, weeks and months of Jesus' earthly existence. George Peate invites us to use our imaginative powers in a prayerful way to see Jesus in the womb of His Virgin Mother. We also meet those people who encountered Jesus while He was still in the womb: Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah, and John the Baptist. We see how they related to the Unborn Jesus and we learn from them how we ought to relate both to Jesus and to all unborn children. The nine months Jesus spent in utero are in many ways so unique that they reverberate throughout salvation history - and yet they also include the very same experiences shared by every baby. George is here to look at the unborn Jesus, our hope.

    Second Topic – American Cicero: The Life of Charles Carroll

    Aristocrat. Catholic. Patriot. Founder. Before his death in 1832, Charles Carroll of Carrollton - the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence - was widely regarded as one of the most important founders. Today, Carroll's signal contributions to the American founding are overlooked, but in the fascinating new biography American Cicero, historian Bradley Birzer rescues Carroll from this unjust neglect. Born out of wedlock, Carroll became the best educated founder, a man of supreme intellect, imagination, and integrity. He recognized the necessity of American independence well before most other founders, brilliantly analyzed the situation in the run-up to the Revolution (though that analysis is now ignored by historians), inspired the creation of the U.S. Senate, and helped legitimize his religion, Roman Catholicism, in America.

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