The Doctor is In – December 30, 2009

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    Topic One – Christianity Caused the Crash?

    Recently the Atlantic magazine ran an article under the provocative headline “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” The article itself was much less silly than the headline, but even so, its effort to tie Christian religious movements to the crash was a pretty implausible stretch. However, the topic of Christianity and the market deserves some serious attention, because (the absurdity of the Atlantic notwithstanding) recent shifts in Christian religious attitudes really are related in important ways to the American economy. So—Did Christianity Cause the Crash? Dr. Greg Forster has the answer.

    Topic Two – December 14, 1799 – George Washington Dies / The Political Philosophy of George Washington

    George Washington is revered as the father of his country, a clever and skilled general, and a man of restrained principle -- but not as a political thinker. Though Washington left little explicit writing on political philosophy, on this 210th anniversary of Washington’s death, Jeffry Morrison is here to examine his key writings, actions, education, and political and professional lives. He finds that Washington held closely to a trinity of foundational principles -- classical republicanism, British liberalism, and Protestant Christianity -- with greater fidelity than many of the other founding fathers. In unearthing Washington's ideological growth, Morrison reveals the intellectual heritage of his political thought and shows how these beliefs motivated him to action.

    Topic Three – Reflections on Music and the Incarnation of Christ

    As we move through the season of Advent, Brian Nelson finds his thoughts naturally turning to the mystery of the Incarnation. But this year, he says, they are more personal than in the past, closer to home. As a classically trained composer, he is asking questions like “What are the implications of the Incarnation for the arts, and for music in particular?” and “Is there a proper theology of music?” We look at Music and the Incarnation of Christ.

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