The Age of the Laity – Kresta Comments on the SCOTUS Decision

  • Description: The U.S. Supreme Court has constitutionalized the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Those of us who resist are now being called irrational bigots and haters. This is not unusual in Church history. But it is unusual for American Christians. This is bad for America. It will be good for American Catholics. Are we up to stand on our own without the proprs of American culture? Will we support our bishops, priests, lay missionaries and our own institutions of education, charity and healing. We are facing the most important test of American Catholic laity in our history. Are we ready for it? The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council prophesied that we were entering the age of the laity. John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have all called the laity to take co-responsibility for the Church - not just collaborate with clergy but to take responsibility for the Church with them. Is it possible that you came into this world for such a time as this?

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