Stories from the Heart – February 5, 2010

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    First Topic– Defending the Faith – Defending the Word of God

    Frank J. Hanna III is an American entrepreneur and merchant banker who has been described as "one of the leading Catholic philanthropists in the USA. We have talked to him multiple times about his book, What Your Money Means and How to Use it Well. Today we talk about defending the faith and the Word of God

    Second Topic – Legatus Summit Winter 2010

    Legatus is an organization for Catholic businessmen who seek to study, live and spread the Faith in their business, professional and personal lives. Legatus currently provides service to over 1,800 businesses in 60 chapters (and growing) across the United States, and internationally on three continents. We talk with Executive Director John Hunt about Legatus, the Summit, and it’s amazing line-up of speakers.

    Third Topic – Grace Before Meals

    Grace Before Meals is centered on one fundamental concept: the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships. Founded by Fr. Leo Patalinghug in 2003, Grace Before Meals has grown from a simple idea to a worldwide movement, producing a book, blog and even a pilot for a TV show endorsed by PBS. Research shows that having frequent family dinners can reduce the susceptibility of teens to risks like teen pregnancy, smoking, drug use and depression. And these benefits don’t just apply to traditional families or people with kids. Stronger families foster stronger communities, and that’s the goal we’re striving for–one meal at a time. We talk to Fr. Leo here at the Legatus Summit.

    Fourth Topic – The Grace of Ars

    St. John Vianney is the patron saint of all parish priests. Pope Benedict XVI has held him up as the role model to follow in the recently declared Year for Priests. Priests and seminarians who wish to strengthen their commitment to the priesthood as well as men who are discerning the call of Christ in their lives will be inspired and encouraged by reflection on the life and vocation of the great Cure of Ars. Fr. Frederick Miller has taken many groups of priests and seminarians pilgrimages to Ars, France, where he leads retreats based on the life and ministry of St. John Vianney. Based on his years of personal experience at Ars, and the impact that the holy Cure has had on men who go there to learn from his inspiring life and work, this book is the distillation of wisdom and grace that St. John Vianney has passed on to his brother priests. Fr. Miller joins us in this year for priests.

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