Should We Still Applaud Blackface? – Al Kresta comments on Rachel Dolezal and transgenderism

  • Description: The Rachel Dolezal phenomenon is worth talking about. Isaiah warned against those who call good, evil and evil, good or sweet, bitter and bitter sweet. St. Paul in Romans 1:18-32 warns against suppressing the truth of God that we see in nature. In doing some we are given over to a futile and foolish mind. Professing to be wise, we become fools and replace the Creator God with a life. The latest celebration of sham is Rachel Dolezal. She was president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, a graduate of Howard University that has graduated people like Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, actress Phylicia Rashad, first black U.S. Senator Edward Brook,, economist and journalist Thomas Sowell, former mayor of New York, David Dinkens, the entertainer formerly known as P. Diddy or Puff Diddy or Puff Daddy. Sean Combs, the writer Toni Morrison to just name a few. The problem is that Rachel Dolezal is no more black than Pat Boone’s white bucks. Whether she is sick or not, she’s a poser, an imposter. Perhaps she’s entertaining like Al Jolson or Billy Van who performed in blackface. I doubt it. Something more serious is at stake. There are those race experts who are claiming that she has “achieved blackness” whatever that means. I know that if white people referred to “achieving whiteness” they would be hooted off the stage and heckled by the political left. We are told that because she “identifies as a black woman” that “there is some authenticity to that.” She is a woman so I guess that’s half right. She is being compared with transgendered people who simply won’t accept the gender they were forced to accept by their parents’ usurpation of their choice. Why accept my skin pigmentation? I kid you not. The latest in chic, elite parenting is to let your children pick their own gender. Of course, we don’t let our children choose their own nutrition or medical care but apparently gender is so malleable, we can afford to leave it in their tiny hands and confused heads. We can always fix it.

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