Power From the Pews – June 17, 2017: We take you to the Solanus Casey Center

  • Description: Ever since the Vatican announced that Capuchin Friar Solanus Casey famed for his powerful intercessory healing prayers will soon be beatified, there has been a reported upsurge in pilgrim traffic to the Solanus Casey Center in downtown Detroit which has also seen an upsurge in foot traffic and the resurrection of a city that was until recently believed to be in decline. Was the spiritual presence in what was once considered a war zone assisting a renaissance of peace in this historic city? On this show, Peggy takes you to the Solanus Casey Center and interviews visitors and staff of the Center, including a man who believes Solanus’ intercessions healed him of ravaging cancer and a woman who met and was awed by Solanus as a teenager. For more information on the Solanus Casey Center http://www.solanuscenter.org/portal.php

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