Power From the Pews – July 18, 2020(encore presentation from October 18, 2014): Divine Mercy in Lourdes

  • Description: As Power from the Pews wraps up we bring you some of its most powerful episodes and make sure to tune in to Peggy's new show "A Place of Peace" starting August 15th, Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 9:30 am. When a very sick person dies and returns to God, it is spiritually referred to as the "ultimate healing". It is not the healing that most pilgrims traveling to Lourdes, the famous Marian shrine in France seek. Lourdes has been the source of some 7,000 claimed physical recoveries and 67 medically and ecclesiastically approved miracles. When the Order of Malta takes over 50 sick people or "malades" to Lourdes on an annual pilgrimage, there is always the hope they will experience a miraculous cure. In over a quarter century of Malta pilgrimages, despite severely ill malades making the trip, all have returned home. Jim Long, a malade from Florida, returned to God. The drama of this extraordinary and inspiring pilgrimage is related in detail by his courageous and faith filled wife, Donna Long, as jims death evidence of Divine Mercy.

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