More 2 life – February 4, 2010

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    First Topic - 9-11 Terror Trials

    So, the trial of the century is going to be in Manhattan, where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the accused mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, killed thousands of people? Well, maybe not, unless Mohammed agrees to be tried in Manhattan, the trial might actually take place in, say, Fargo, N.D.T he alleged mastermind of 9/11 Mohammed, whose photo wearing a dirty T-shirt and sporting a bedraggled look is so familiar to us, is to be tried in Manhattan, blocks from Ground Zero, according to the administration. In recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that Mohammed, “will not select the prosecution venue, I will. And I have.” As far as the venue being in U.S. District Court, Holder is correct. But as far as the venue being in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the matter is open to substantial debate. Mark Bonner of Ave Maria School of Law is our guest.

    Second Topic - Union, Nation, or Empire: The American Debate over International Relations, 1789-1941

    Most overviews of American history depict an isolationist country finally dragged kicking and screaming onto the world stage by the attack on Pearl Harbor. David Hendrickson shows that Americans instead conducted often-raucous debates over international relations in the long epoch customarily seen as isolationist--debates that form the ideological origins of today's foreign policy arguments. Union, Nation, or Empire is a sequel to Hendrickson's acclaimed Peace Pact, in which he identified a "unionist paradigm" that defined America's political understanding in 1787. His new book examines how that paradigm was transformed under the impact of the great wars that followed. Through skillfully drawn portraits of American statesmen, from Hamilton and Jefferson to Wilson and the two Roosevelts, Hendrickson reveals "union, nation, and empire" as fundamental categories of political discourse that have shaped our engagement with the world since 1776.

    Third Topic - As I See It

    As I See It” is Michael Coren's newest book. A collection of essays about the world and its affairs. "These are my opinions of numerous subjects, issues, debates and people. The world, as it were, as I see it." We talk to the Canadian radio and television host about religious freedom in his country, health care, the middle east, and much, much more.

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