More 2 life – February 12, 2010

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    First Topic – Tiger Woods and Plato

    A few weeks ago, the Tiger Woods scandal was returned to the news by reports that Woods was receiving treatment for sex addiction. While many may have welcomed this sordid story’s earlier disappearance, it in fact deserves serious consideration because of what it says about our culture and, in fact, about our very humanity. So far, commentary on possible deeper meanings of the Woods scandal has focused on matters such as our preoccupation with celebrity and the possibility, in a modern media age, of crafting a public personality wholly at odds with one’s real character. As a student and teacher of political philosophy, however, Woods’s sad fall from respectability reminds Carson Holloway of Plato’s account of the human soul. What we have learned about Tiger Woods, combined with what we already knew about him, may not confirm the truth of Plato’s psychology, but it at least confirms its relevance to the human situation even today. Paradoxically, from this most contemporary downfall we learn that our civilization’s most ancient wisdom is still worthy of our careful consideration. Carson joins us.

    Second Topic – Post-abortive Testimony

    Michelle Yax is the Director of Mother and Unborn Baby Care in Southfield, MI and is, herself, a post-abortive woman. The shock, fear and shame of her first pregnancy drove her to her abortion, Yax says. Until the day of abortion, she had only thought about herself. But when she climbed upon the operating table, she changed. Everything inside me was screaming, “This is wrong. This is so wrong,’” Yax says. Michelle is with us to share her story.

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