Malta Minute withthe Catechism: Kind and Gravity of Sin

  • Program #: 5
  • Description: There are many kinds of sin but not all sins are equal, the Catholic Catechism teaches. The gravity of a sin is distinguished according to its object, or to the virtue it opposes, or the commandment it violates. The root of sin lies within the human heart, Jesus declared, for out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. These, warns the Lord, are what defile a man; but charity, the source of all good works, also resides in the heart. The gravest sin, mortal sin, destroys the charity by a serious violation of God's law. To commit a mortal sin, the object must be grave; there must be full knowledge of that gravity, and full consent of the will. If not repented and forgiven by God, mortal sin can exclude us from Christ's Kingdom and merit the eternal death of hell. This is Peggy Stanton and this has been the Order of Malta's Minute with the Catechism.

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