Malta Minute with the Catechism: Sins Against the Second Commandment

  • Program #: 206
  • Description: Why are blasphemy, perjury and the taking of a false oath sins against the second commandment? They are sins because they are in direct contradiction to God’s directive that we do not take his name in vain. We commit blasphemy when we use God’s name improperly. We commit perjury if we call upon God to witness an oath we do not intend to honor or after swearing an oath, we fail to keep it. The Catholic Catechism, in paragraphs 2150 through 2155 states that when we take an oath, and call on God as our witness, we invoke divine truthfulness as a pledge of our truthfulness. The holiness of the Lord’s name demands that it never be used trivially or to witness to unholy authority. This is Peggy Stanton and this has been the Order of Malta’s Minute with the Catechism.

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