Malta Minute with the Catechism: Mary’s Assumption into Heaven

  • Program #: 66
  • Description: What does the Catholic Catechism teach us about the assumption of the Virgin Mary? The Church professes that she was assumed into heaven body and soul, honored by her Lord and Son as Queen of all things. By her Assumption, she participates in Christ's resurrection and anticipates the resurrection of other Christians. She is a pre-eminent and wholly unique member of the Church as a result of her total obedience to the Father's will and her Son's redemptive work. Thus she is the Church's model of charity and faith. According to the Catechism, Mary's motherhood "in the order of grace", continues in heaven. What began with her assent to the Annunciation continued till she stood under the Cross and will not cease until the eternal fulfillment of all the elect. She is invoked in the Church as Advocate, Helper, Mediatrix and Benefactor. This is Peggy Stanton and this has been the Order of Malta's Minute with the Catechism.

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