Malta Minute with the Catechism: Life of Prayer

  • Program #: 168
  • Description: What is the life of our heart? The Catholic Catechism answers, “Prayer is the life of the new heart.” It ought to be the source of our animation at every moment. But we tend to forget the One who is our all. The Fathers of the spiritual life in the Deuteromic and prophetic tradition, say that “prayer is a remembrance of God often awakened by the memory of the heart.” We are to remember God more often,,”says the Catechism, “than we draw breath.”We cannot, however, pray at all times if we have not learned to pray at specific times. The tradition of the Church proposes morning and evening prayer, grace before and after meals, the Liturgy of the hours, Sundays centered on the Eucharist, the cycle of the liturgical year with its great feasts as the basic rhythms of the Christian’s life of prayer. There are three major expressions of prayer; vocal, meditative and contemplative. This is Peggy Stanton and this has been the Order of Malta’s Minute with the Catechism.

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