Kresta in the Afternoon with Special Guest Host Matthew Bunson – November 12, 2015 – Hour 1

+  Supreme Court Will Hear 7 Combined Cases on HHS Mandate

  • Description: The Supreme Court will hear legal challenges to the federal contraception mandate brought by numerous nonprofit groups, including the Little Sisters of the Poor and Priests for Life. The court made its announcement late last week. It will take up seven cases representing numerous schools, dioceses and charitable organizations. At the center of the controversy is a federal rule announced by the Obama administration that require most employers to provide employee health-care plans that cover birth control, sterilizations and drugs that can cause early abortions. We talk to Rob Muise who is defending Priests for Life.
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+  How to Live With PC Insanity

  • Description: From politics to Universities, sports to advertising, victim status has taken on an amazing power in the last few years. Much of it has to do with our PC culture in which any pushback against the claimed victim status is insensitive at best and hateful at the worst. We talk to Katherine Jean Lopez about it.
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+  How to Live With PC Insanity (continued)

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