Kresta in the Afternoon with special guest host Jerry Usher – July 6, 2015 – Hour 1

+  The Soon-To-Be Saint Junipero Serra: The Man Who Founded California

  • Description: A Franciscan friar who founded many of California’s missions in the late 1700s will be canonized by Pope Francis Sept 27 at the National Basilica in Washington DC. The soon-to-be Saint Junipero Serra was a driving force in the Spanish conquest and colonization of what is now the state of California. Unlike many other American saints and beatifiedes, Blessed Junipero Serra has received an unprecedented amount of press since his beatification by Saint John Paul II in 1988. Honored as the man credited with founding the Franciscan Missions of California, his reputation and legacy have also been tainted by recent critics who claim that the missionaries—and Serra in particular—used violent tactics against the native population in efforts to force conversions to Christianity and suppress indigenous cultures. Matthew Bunson, editor of the Encyclopedia of the Saints, is here to discuss his life and legacy.
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+  Colorado Supreme Court Strikes Down School Voucher Program

  • Description: The Colorado Supreme Court struck down a voucher program in the state’s third-largest school district Monday, finding the program unconstitutional because it channels public funds to religious schools. The divided ruling reversed a decision by a state appeals court and means that the Douglas County School District will not be able to administer its Choice Scholarship Pilot Program, which allowed families to use taxpayer dollars to pay for private school. The decision is a blow to school-choice advocates. But district officials said they believe the case raises questions about the constitutionality of dozens of states’ bans on government aid to religious schools — questions that are ripe for a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. We talk to attorney Michael Bindas who represented three Douglas County families defending the voucher program
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+  Kresta Comments: Homosexuals Want to Have Their “Ideological Cake” and Make You Eat it Too

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