Kresta in the Afternoon – September 16, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – “Sharing Your Faith” Series – Part II

    In 1998, Mark Shea was asked to give a talk at his parish on his conversion to the Catholic Faith.  The local Catholic bookstore set up a table of various materials on the Catholic faith and as he perused them, he was struck by the fact that virtually none of the materials had existed when he came into the Church in 1987.  Today, if we were to walk into that bookstore, we would find, not only the materials under which that table groaned in 1998, but a still greater torrent of books, videos, DVDs and CDs, a vast number of them created by converts.  Clearly there have been some big changes in the past twenty years. We look at the apologetics subculture with Mark Shea.

    Second Topic – New Ad: Abortion Survivor Pleads with Obama

    For the first time ever, an abortion survivor is featured in a new tv ad released today which takes issue with Senator Obama’s four votes against born alive protections when he was an Illinois state senator.  The 30-second spot showcases Gianna Jessen, who explains to viewers that she survived an abortion attempt 31 years ago.  Jessen then highlights Barack Obama’s four votes against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Defined Act, and asks him to support protections for infants who, like her, are born alive from failed abortion attempts. Jill Stanek, Executive Director of, the organization that created the ad, is with us.

    Third Topic – Better By the Dozen…Plus Two.

    James and Kate Littleton are parents in the process of raising fourteen children. They decided to write a book to dispel many of the fundamental errors of our time, offering a concrete hierarchy of values or priorities to live by in the midst of a seriously disordered modern dominant culture. It of course offers anecdotes and a philosophy of life from a family of sixteen which providing insights into the meaning and purpose of life. full-time Catholic ministry and owns two small businesses. Better By the Dozen…Plus Two. James and Kate are with us.

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