Kresta in the Afternoon – October 8, 2019 – Hour 2

+  Jumbotron plays abortion footage at local colleges

  • Description: The pro-life group Created Equal is conducting a campus tour through Michigan, Texas and Georgia to visit more than a dozen colleges as well as numerous high schools and abortion facilities. At each location they will set up a JumboTron depicting the gruesome reality of abortion and have representatives available to discuss this injustice with students and other locals. They were are Oakland University today and will be at Eastern Michigan tomorrow. President Mark Harrington joins us.
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    • Mark Harrington
      Mark Harrington is the President of Created Equal. Visit
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+  Why Newman Still Matters (2 segments)

  • Description: John Henry Newman was arguably the most well-known convert in the 19th century. He was priest, a poet and teacher - but may be best known for his writing. But why are so many drawn to him on a devotional level? We talk with Ryan Marr.
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    • Ryan Marr
      Ryan Marr is director of the National Institute for Newman Studies. Visit
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    • Newman 101: An Introduction to the Life and Philosophy of John Cardinal Newman

      The conversion to Catholicism and the rich writings of this prominent nineteenth century theologian are presented with newfound accessibility and energy in this second volume in the 101 Series from Christian Classics. Over the last 150 years few Catholic thinkers have captured the mood, imagination, and concerns of the Church as well as John Cardinal Newman. His journey from Anglicanism to Catholicism is one marked with controversy and radical transformation, but what followed was even more critical and fascinating, one of the most celebrated careers in history of a Catholic thinker. In Newman 101, Roderick Strange offers an accessible introduction to the thought and work of the popular and widely studied philosopher, highlighting his Catholic vision for an entire new generation of readers. (learn more)

    • Newman: His Life and Spirituality

      John Henry Newman, recently Beatified by Pope Benedict XVI, was a famous Anglican convert to the Catholic Church, an Oratorian priest, a brilliant author of novels, poems and acclaimed spiritual works, and a renowned preacher. Newman had a great impact on the intellectual and spiritual journey of the author, Fr. Louis Bouyer, who became a famous theologian and spiritual writer. His exchange with the thought of Newman over the years is a model of theological dialogue as Bouyer understood it: the passionate engagement with and free assimilation of all that can illuminate Catholic truth. Bouyer does not see in Newman the eminent Victorian, but a potential contemporary; not the subtle philosopher, but a Christian of integrity who sought all his life to follow Christ and did so with an edifying fidelity.Bouyer studied important unpublished documents by Newman at the Birmingham oratory and addressed the delicate question of Newman's sensitive temperament, the key to entering the world of this great theologian. For Bouyer, one of the principle elements of the spiritual universe of Newman is a genuine mysticism of Christ: Irreplaceable mirror outside of which God's radiance eludes fallen man and only appears as shadow.Bouyer shows that as St Augustine was the great apostle to the early Church, and St. Thomas Aquinas was to the Middle Ages, so is Newman that for modern times. A work of major significance for anyone who wants to approach the towering figure of John Henry Newman. (learn more)

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