Kresta in the Afternoon – October 4, 2007 – Hour 2

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    First Topic – Planned Parenthood Opens Largest Facility In U.S.

    Following weeks of protests and overcoming legal hurdles, Planned Parenthood has opened the doors to its largest facility in the U.S.  The 22-thousand square-foot building is located in the city of Aurora, Illinois, west of Chicago.  It will serve about 25-thousand patients yearly. Planned Parenthood had used deceptive tactics when applying for a building permit by using the name Gemini Office Development and hiding its real identity. Following a review, Aurora officials decided to allow the opening. Eric Scheidler joins us. HE was on the ground in the fight to keep this mill from opening.

    Second Topic – The Heart of a Saint: Ten Ways to Grow Closer to God

    God offers every human being the gift of himself, promising to come and make his home in the hearts of all who love and obey him. Saints respond to this gift by giving their hearts wholeheartedly to God. Bert Ghezzi portrays ten heroes of the faith whose lives demonstrate how we can grow closer to God as we give our hearts to him.

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