Kresta in the Afternoon – October 30, 2018 – Hour 2

+  Can Christians Smoke Pot?

  • Description: We took a look last week at Canada's legalization of recreational marijuana last week, and it's on the ballot here in Michigan in November. If Pot is natural, does that mean we can indulge? Why shouldn't Christians use pot if we are allowed to drink? Does its increasing legality make it more acceptable? We talk with Tom Breeden.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Tom Breeden
      Tom Breeden is Assistant Pastor at Grace Community Church PCA in Charlottesville, Virginia and the co-author of Can I Smoke Pot?: Marijuana in Light of Scripture
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    • Can I Smoke Pot?: Marijuana in Light of Scripture

      "God made pot. It's natural." "And it's legal in more and more places." "And Christians are allowed to drink alcohol, right?" "So really...what's the issue?" Is it a sin to smoke marijuana? Is it permissible to use recreationally? How about medicinally? Questions like these are a hot topic today, and chances are that you or someone you know is asking them. Christians believe the Bible is our highest authority for faith and life, including on subjects like marijuana use. So how does the Bible help us answer questions about marijuana? By looking at the biblical teaching on creation, government, medicine, and alcohol, this book sets out to help people make wise and God-honoring decisions about marijuana use. Rather than just providing a list of proof texts, Can I Smoke Pot?: Marijuana in Light of Scripture looks at what the Bible teaches as a unified whole, from Genesis to Revelation, so we can more confidently answer the question: “What does the Bible say?” (learn more)

+  Kresta Comments: Building a Bridge?

  • Description: Al shares some more thoughts on Fr James Martin and the idea of "building a bridge" between the Church and people who identify as same-sex attracted.
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    • Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace

      Daniel Mattson once believed he was gay. Raised in a Christian family, and aware of attractions to other boys at age six, Mattson's life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions. Finding the conflict between his sexual desires and the teachings of his church too great, he assumed he was gay, turned his back on God, and began a relationship with another man. Yet freedom and happiness remained elusive until he discovered Christ and his true identity.   In this frank memoir, Mattson chronicles his journey to and from a gay identity, finding peace in his true identity, as a man, made in the image and likeness of God. Part autobiography, part philosophy of life, and part a practical guide in living chastely, the book draws lessons from Mattson's search for inner freedom and integrity, sharing wisdom from his failures and successes. His lifelong search for happiness and peace comes full circle in his realization that, above all else, what is true about him is that he is a beloved son of God, loved into existence by God, created for happiness in this life and the next. Mattson's book is for anyone who has ever wondered who he is, why he is here, and, in the face of suffering, where to find joy, happiness, and the peace that surpasses all understanding. (learn more)

+  Six Steps to Improving our Seminaries

  • Description: The McCarrick scandal has brought the sexual harassment and abuse of seminarians to the forefront. It leaves us wondering what steps can be taken to make sure our seminarians are safe and are being properly equipped for the unique calling of the priesthood. We talk with Fr Thomas Berg.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Fr. Thomas Berg
      Fr Thomas Berg is a professor of moral theology and vice-rector at St Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, New York. He has been published in Crisis Magazine, First Things, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He is the author of Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics
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    • Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics

      Far too many Catholics have had painful experiences in the Church, and many have simply opted to walk away. Fr. Berg opens his book with the story of the painful and life-changing crisis he experienced in the Church that ultimately, against the odds, led him to love the Church more intensely notwithstanding the sinfulness of its members. Along with his own story, Fr. Berg intertwines the stories of other Catholics who have themselves experienced life-changing hurts, but who, in Jesus, found healing. Riding the momentum of the Year of Mercy, Fr. Berg offers these reflections as a necessary examination of conscience, and a clarion call to Catholics to become healers of an ailing inner culture of our Church, to heed Pope Francis s call to incite a revolution of tenderness in our faith communities. Ultimately, this book is about hope for wounded believers: If you have been hurt in the Church, Jesus can take you on a journey through your wounds, a journey of healing that will make you an even better human being, a better Christian, and a better disciple. (learn more)

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