Kresta in the Afternoon – October 28, 2013 – Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side With Jesus - Prospects for Conversion

  • Description: Lou Reed never had quite the notoriety or sales of '60s peers such as the Beatles or Bob Dylan -- his only major commercial hit was "Walk on the Wild Side." But his influence was just as vast, if not more so. Punk, post-punk and most strains of underground music of the last 40 years would not exist without the one-of-a-kind merger of music and words pioneered by Reed and his groundbreaking band, the Velvet Underground. Reed died Sunday at 71 in Southampton, N.Y., of an ailment related to a liver transplant he underwent in May, his literary agent said. While best known for "Walk on the Wild Side," and didn't lead a life to emulate, he also recorded a sincere song called "Jesus." Al discusses opportunities for conversion and why we should never "count anyone out" as a prospect for conversion.
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+  Kresta Comments: Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side With Jesus - Prospects for Conversion (continued)

+  Is Georgetown Catholic?

  • Description: Concluding that his alma mater “takes pride in insulting the Church and offending the faithful,” William Peter Blatty, author of the best-selling book, The Exorcist, filed a Canon Law petition with the Vatican earlier this month asking that Georgetown University be denied the right to call itself Catholic. Calling Georgetown a “Potemkin Village,” Blatty complained that “at alumni dinners, they will make sure there is a Jesuit in a collar at every table, like the floral arrangement.” For Blatty, Georgetown is the “leader of a pack of schools that are failing to live up to their Catholic identity.” Anne Hendershott, author of Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education,” joins us to discuss the case.
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