Kresta in the Afternoon – October 27, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – “Sharing Your Faith”

    In 1998, Mark Shea was asked to give a talk at his parish on his conversion to the Catholic Faith.  The local Catholic bookstore set up a table of various materials on the Catholic faith and as he perused them, he was struck by the fact that virtually none of the materials had existed when he came into the Church in 1987.  Today, if we were to walk into that bookstore, we would find, not only the materials under which that table groaned in 1998, but a still greater torrent of books, videos, DVDs and CDs, a vast number of them created by converts.  Clearly there have been some big changes in the past twenty years. We look at the apologetics subculture with Mark Shea.

    Second Topic – The Global New Left, Radical Islam, and Economic Terrorism

    What will America look like at the end of the twenty-first century? Will it be a “democracy” ruled by radical, American liberals, an autocracy ruled by Russian communists, or a theocracy ruled by Islamic extremists? Robert Chandler poses this question -- and suggests some alarming answers. Everyday, he argues, American culture is being undermined by communism, socialism, and radical Islam through seemingly benign institutions and ideologies like NGOs, the UN, liberalism, and fundamentalist sects. What better way to subvert America than through the institutions she relies on and the ideologies she promotes?

    Third Topic – A Manifesto for Media Freedom

    The alternative-media revolution of the last twenty years has smashed the liberal monopoly over news outlets and created a true marketplace of ideas. Brian Anderson examines the crucial place of free political speech in our nation’s history, from the feisty polemics of Revolutionary-era pamphlets to the explosion of new media in the twenty-first century. Today, shockingly, freedom of political speech in America is facing sustained attacks unlike anything since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. He makes the case in his new book “A Manifesto for Media Freedom” and right here on “Kresta in the Afternoon.”

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