Kresta in the Afternoon – October 26, 2010 – Hour 2

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    First Topic – Universalism and the Catholic Church

    Many Catholics are misled by a belief that all will be saved – a notion known as universalism. Ralph Martin is here to explain why that is a fallacy. Jesus died for the redemption of all mankind. His death redeemed mankind collectively, so we can say that even non-Christians are redeemed. But because each person has free will, he can choose to reject the salvation offered him as a gift. So, while all are redeemed, it is possible that not all will be saved. Christ’s death is sufficient for the salvation of all, but it is efficient for the salvation of those who choose to accept that gift. We get in depth with Ralph.

    Second Topic – The Middle East Synod / Embryonic Stem Cell Research / 40 Days for Life

    We check in today with Archbishop Allen Vigneron of the Archdiocese of Detroit for our monthly discussion. The Archbishop just returned today from the Middle East Synod in Rome and gives us a report on his two weeks in Rome for the Synod. He also discusses the column he released to the media before he departed in defense of the unborn child in combating embryonic stem cell research and also discusses his plans to pray at an abortion clinic this weekend in Clarkston.

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