Kresta in the Afternoon – October 1, 2008 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    First Topic – A View of Presidential Debates from the Inside

    Next Tuesday, Dr. Bob Fisher and Belmont University will host the 2nd of the three Presidential debates - the only Town Hall debate format. The Gallup Organization will choose the audience participants in the town hall meeting from undecided voters from the Nashville, TN metro area. While the participants will pose the questions, NBC's Tom Brokaw will facilitate the discussion between the audience and the candidates, and possibly, for the first time in a presidential debate, take questions from the internet. We talk to Dr. Fisher, President of Belmont U.

    Second Topic – Guardian Angels Among Us

    More than half of all adults, including one in five of those who say they are not religious, believe that they have been protected by a guardian angel during their life. With tomorrow’s feast of the Guardian Angels upon us, we talk with Joan Wester Anderson, who has collected astonishing first-hand accounts of the presence of angels among us: a dying infant inexplicably recovers after an encounter with a mysterious visitor; a long-lost son suddenly returns home for Christmas; a young man drowning in an icy river unaccountably finds himself on shore; a grieving widow, alone and far from home, receives comfort and counsel from angels in disguise. These stories and dozens of others show ordinary people taking their needs to God. All of them received what they needed from a loving God who responded to their deepest needs. She shares these stories of angels among us.

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