Kresta in the Afternoon – November 6, 2007 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    First Topic – Prayer in America: A Spiritual History of Our Nation

    Prayer has always been intertwined with America's cultural life. We cast a broad net, beginning with Native American prayers before European colonization and culminating with the prayers of Americans after 9/11. Jim Moore brings us not only to prayers said around tables and in houses of worship but also to the way that the arts contribute to prayer. We look at a history of religion in America told through the lens of prayer.

    Second Topic – America's Survival Guide

    America was founded on certain First Principles which are the critical underpinnings of our free society: the rule of law, unalienable rights, equality, the Social Compact, and limited government. Judge Michael Warren proves how these principles have guided us in our journey to become the greatest and most free nation in the world. He exposes how our knowledge of our principles and history has eroded to the point of near non-existence-and demonstrates how this is a threat to our survival - much more serious than what may come to us from outside our borders.

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