Kresta in the Afternoon – November 4, 2010 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    Post midterm election special: What is the role of government in society, in the Church, in our lives?

    First Topic – Render Unto Caesar: Serving the Nation by Living our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life

    Few topics in recent years have ignited as much public debate as the balance between religion and politics. Does religious thought have any place in political discourse? Do religious believers have the right to turn their values into political action? What does it truly mean to have a separation of church and state? The very heart of these important questions is here addressed by one of the leading voices on the topic, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver. He is with us.

    Second Topic – The Contested Public Square: The Crisis of Christianity and Politics

    While many assume that the question of Christian involvement in politics is a recent one, Dr. Greg Forster traces the 2,000-year history of Christian thinking on the place of religion and politics—the story of how we got to where we are now—a philosophical tradition going back to the ancient Greeks. He locates the origins of this story in the faith's first three centuries, when believers faced persecution, making the church suspicious of political power. Even after Christianity was established as the religion of the state, this initial experience with persecution continued to influence Christian thinking about the relationship between the church and political institutions. Greg joins us.

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