Kresta in the Afternoon – November 19, 2009 – Hour 2

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    Topic One – “The Blind Side”

    Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy know the Michael Oher story better than anyone, at least better than anyone other than Michael Oher himself. And they're thrilled with "The Blind Side," John Lee Hancock's feature film, starring Sandra Bullock, which opens with a nationwide release on Friday. The Tuohys spoke with the media on a teleconference Tuesday afternoon to promote the release of the movie, which is based on the former Ole Miss offensive lineman's rise from living on the streets of Memphis to becoming a first-round draft pick of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy took Oher in and later had him enrolled at the prestigious Briarcrest Christian School before going through the legal adoption process with the budding football star. We talk with Leigh Ann Tuohy.

    Topic Two – USCCB Study: The Causes and Context of the Clergy Abuse Crisis

    Researchers from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice presented an Interim Report on the Causes and Context Study on sexual abuse of minors by clergy at the USCCB meeting this week. The research seeks to explain the rise in incidence of sexual abuse by priests in the late 1960s and 1970s and its subsequent decline after 1985.  Karen Terry, PhD, the principal researcher on the Study, is with us to discuss her findings.

    Topic Three – Thanksgiving and Eucharist

    For Americans, the term “Thanksgiving” conjures up images of turkey and cranberry sauce, parades and bowl games.  These are “traditions” that have come to mark an event made a perpetual institution of American life by President Abraham Lincoln. But why did Lincoln proclaim the last Thursday in November as a national holiday? Because it was clear to him that the blessings of food, land, family, and freedom enjoyed by Americans are all gifts from the Creator.  But Americans, he realized, had forgotten this.  A special day was needed for us to forget our differences and remember our blessings. And from remembering naturally follows giving thanks to the Source of those blessings. We look at Thanksgiving and the Eucharist with
    Marcellino D’Ambrosio.


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