Kresta in the Afternoon – November 18, 2015 – Hour 2

+  Kresta News Roundup

+  The End of Europe

  • Description: Europe, once a bastion of Western thought and Judeo-Christian values, now affirms the obviously false claim that all cultures, religions and values are created equal. Non-judgmentalism is held in the highest regard. It has no objection to diluting or even abandoning its heritage in the name of tolerance. A Europe like this is doomed to be overrun. Can Europe be saved? Sam Gregg is with us to answer the question.
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+  Are Religious Kids Really Meaner than Non-Religious Kids?

  • Description: A recent study published in Current Biology claims “religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts.” This study has been lapped up by secular humanists, atheists and others who claim that religion is ultimately harmful to society. It shouldn’t surprise any reasonable person that the study is deeply flawed. Anne Hendershott is here to debunk it.
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