Kresta in the Afternoon – November 13, 2007 – Hour 2

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    First Topic – USCCB Report

    The Bishops of the United States continue meeting in Baltimore and Ave Maria Radio is on the scene. Agenda items include Catholic voter responsibility, a statement on Iraq, liturgical music, and new leadership. Kathy Schiffer reports from the meeting.

    Second Topic – USCCB considers document on chastity

    As the US Bishops meet in Baltimore, they are reviewing a catechetical document on teaching chastity to young people. One of the individuals who worked on that document is our very own Coleen Kelly Mast. She joins us to look at the potential impact of this document.

    Third Topic – National Right to Life Endorses Thompson

    The National Right to Life Committee is endorsing Fred Thompson, calling him the Republican who's most likely to beat abortion-rights supporter Rudy Giuliani. The group emphasized Thompson's political potential and conservative voting record. NRTL contends that their endorsement carries more weight than endorsements by other conservatives in recent weeks, such as televangelist Pat Robertson's nod to Giuliani. He says support from an organization representing 3,000 chapters throughout the country just can't be compared to individual endorsements. They make their case.

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