Kresta in the Afternoon – November 11, 2010 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Decision Points: George W. Bush Back in the Spotlight

    George W. Bush, all but invisible since he left the White House nearly two years ago, has reclaimed the spotlight this week with the release of his book "Decision Points," in which he defends his "war on terror" and his decision to invade Iraq among many other decisions he made in the Oval Office. The book covers 14 separate decisions Bush made while in the White House, offering analysis about how he reached them -- which Bush said he hopes will give the public greater insights into his presidency. Historian and political scientist Paul Kengor joins us to examine some of the interviews that the President has given thus far and the light that they have shed on his presidency.

    Second Topic – Bishops' upcoming exorcism conference responds to queries about rite

    To counter the shortage of exorcists in the United States-- Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield (Illinois), chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Canonical Affairs and Church Governance, says there are only five or six of whom he is aware-- the US bishops are holding a two-day conference on exorcism. Nearly five dozen bishops and 66 priests are expected to attend. Despite the many requests for an exorcism, the actual number of people possessed by a demon is far fewer than people fear, Bishop Paprocki said. We talk to Neal Lozano who reveals Satan's strategies and the sneaky "entrance points" Satan finds to get a toehold in a Christian's life. He helps us acknowledge the doors they may have opened to evil influence, and shows them how to close those doors and walk in God's freedom and abundance.

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