Kresta in the Afternoon – May 13, 2020 – Hour 2

+  John Paul II and the Secrets of Fatima (full hour)

  • Description: On this day in 1917, our Blessed Mother appeared to three shepherd children outside Fatima, Portugal. Our Lady revealed to the shepherd children a three-part secret, known as the Secrets of Fatima. There is concern by some that the third part of the secret has yet to be fully revealed, but Sister Lucia before her death testified that “no secret remains.” We look at the secrets and the links between Fatima and John Paul II with Dr Robert Fastiggi.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Robert Fastiggi
      Dr. Robert Fastiggi is a Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He has done private research in Paris and Montreal and took park in a study-tour of Saudi Arabia sponsored by the National Council for US-Arab Relations. He has served as the executive editor of the 2009-13 supplements to the New Catholic Encyclopedia and is the author of several books including "The Mystical Theology of the Catholic Reformation" and "Virgin, Mother, Queen: Encountering Mary in Time and Tradition."
  • + Resources Mentioned Available in Our Store:

    • Virgin, Mother, Queen: Encountering Mary in Time and Tradition

      The earliest of Mary’s apparitions can be traced back to the first century of the Church and have continued into modern times, inspiring the faithful to devotion to her and to a deeper love of Christ her son. In Virgin, Mother, Queen, popular radio and television host Michael O’Neill gathers fascinating details from Mary’s mystical appearances around the world. Robert Fastiggi, professor of systemic theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, answers questions about the historical and theological development of Marian teachings throughout Church history. The ten, Church-sanctioned apparitions and their corresponding titles of Mary are:

      • Virgin: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico, 1531)
      • Mediatrix of Grace: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Rue du Bac, France, 1830)
      • Mother of Sorrows: Our Lady of La Salette (France, 1846)
      • Immaculate, All-Holy: Our Lady of Lourdes (France, 1858)
      • Advocate: Our Lady of Hope (Pontmain, France, 1871)
      • Blessed: The Knock Apparition (Ireland, 1879)
      • Mother of the Church: Our Lady of the Rosary (Fatima, Portugal, 1917)
      • Queen of Heaven: The Virgin of the Golden Heart/Our Lady of Beuraing (Belgium, 1932)
      • Mother of Mercy: Virgin of the Poor/Our Lady of Banneaux (Belgium, 1933)
      • Mother of God: Our Lady of Sorrows/Our Lady of Kibeho (Rwanda, 1981)
      Virgin, Mother, Queen includes full-color illustrations and recounts in story and teaching why the apparitions and titles of Mary continue to be relevant today. Each chapter contains traditional prayers associated with these historic Marian shrines. (learn more)

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