Kresta in the Afternoon – May 11, 2020 – Hour 1

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+  How the Plagues of Egypt Exposed False Gods & Revealed the Truth

  • Description: With a global pandemic, wildfires in Australia and now killer hornets, it sometimes seems like we are experiencing our own set of plagues. Plagues have a way of stripping away what is superfluous, revealing the naked truth. In the biblical account of the plagues that decimated Egypt, the plagues exposed the civilization’s false gods and their utter impotence in the face of the one true God. Stephen Beale breaks it down.
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    • Stephen Beale
      Stephen Beale is a freelance writer based in Providence, Rhode Island. Raised as an evangelical Protestant, he is a convert to Catholicism. Follow him on Twitter at
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+  Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day

  • Description: An essential part of the Christian life is responding to the Universal Call to Holiness, and we can learn to do this by following the examples of the saints. Dawn Beutner joins us with examples of how we can live like the saints every day.
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    • Dawn Beutner
      Dawn Marie Beutner entered the Catholic Church as a young adult and worked as an engineer before becoming a technical writer. She lives with her husband and two children in northern Virginia, where she leads various parish groups that promote life issues, serve the needy, and learn about the Bible and the Catholic faith.
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    • Saints: Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day of the Year

      Since Jesus told us to be perfect, and Vatican Council II emphasized a universal call to holiness for all Christians, how do we learn to do that? One great way is to learn from and pray with the saints of the Catholic Church. We can follow in the footsteps of the ordinary Catholic men and women who fought the good fight to be holy until the end of their lives – and won that fight. The saints have been the inspiration of faithful Catholics for hundreds of years because they show us what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ despite countless challenges and obstacles. This unique book contains short biographies of multiple saints for every day of the year, including an intercessory prayer to each saint. This helps the reader to learn about, and pray with, the numerous saints of the Church, "the communion of saints" whose personalities and challenges often resonate with our own. This collection also provides wonderful resource information to learn more about individual saints, inspiring quotes from saints, and detailed explanations of Catholic terms that often befuddle us. The saints in this collection come from every period in his- tory, countries, age ranges, and vocations. They show us that holiness truly is a path open to all who seek to follow Jesus Christ. By reading about the lives of the saints each day, we can learn how to apply their life lessons to our own daily challenges. By praying daily for their help, we can ask for their spiritual help and wisdom – and point ourselves toward Heaven, where we hope to spend eternity with God. (learn more)

+  Impossible Marriages Redeemed

  • Description: The message of the culture is clear: When things get REALLY bad in a marriage, the best, and even only, thing to do is to divorce and "move on." Leila Miller joins us with stories of couples who DIDN’T follow this advice.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Leila Miller
      Leila Miller is the author of Impossible Marriages Redeemed: They Didn't End the Story in the Middle and Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak. She blogs at Little Catholic Bubble and is a contributor to Catholic Answers Magazine Online. Leila and her husband have eight children and several grandchildren. She and her family live in Phoenix
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    • Impossible Marriages Redeemed: They Didn’t End the Story in the Middle

      The message of the culture is clear: When things get REALLY bad in a marriage, the best, and even only, thing to do is to divorce and "move on." The message of the contemporary Church is not much different, although Catholics (both ordained and lay) might advise annulment after the civil divorce and before the "moving on." The 65 stories in this book tell of a different way: A way of Christlike faithfulness and solemn commitment to one's sacred promises--something that was common (or at least considered honorable and right) in eras past, but which seems forgotten today. If the world is telling you (or if you are telling friends and family) to walk away from a marriage, read this book first. As a requested follow-up to the remarkable Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, this book will supply the hope, motivation, and tools needed to keep a marriage and family intact and on the road to true redemption. The vast majority of the stories in this book are anonymous. Most are recounted by the spouses themselves or by the grateful children of once-disastrous unions, while two or three are told by other close family members. The first section of this book contains 50 stories of redemption--the details of marriages that went through the wringer and survived. Some of those marriages turned blissful, some merely content, but all were redeemed. The vast majority of contributors are female. This same phenomenon occurred in Primal Loss, and you mustn't read anything more into that fact than this: Women, due to their more verbal and relational nature, are much more likely than men to respond to and execute a request to tell a personal, emotional relationship story. In no way should we take this imbalance to mean that men are more often the "bad guys" in marital break-up. In fact, today, women are much more likely to file for divorce than men, a statistic that is largely explained by the pervasive and corrosive influence of feminist ideology, which grossly misunderstands and/or deliberately rejects sexual complementarity and the meaning and order of marriage—all of which is a story (or a book) for another day. Readers should go in knowing that for every woman writing her story, there is a man who has his own difficult tale that never made it from his heart to the page.The second, smaller section of the book contains 15 stories of "standers"--those wives or husbands who have chosen to stand for their marriage vows despite complete abandonment by their spouses. Even the Church seems to have forgotten these few courageous souls, who are often patted on the head, scolded, or even deemed emotionally unhealthy for not "moving on" to find that shiny new romance themselves. The profound sacrifice of these lonely but faithful souls makes the rest of us uncomfortable, yet we need to honor them as heroic witnesses for matrimony. As St. John Paul II said in Familiaris Consortio (83): "[T]heir example of fidelity and Christian consistency takes on particular value as a witness before the world and the Church." These faithful spouses know well what Christ is asking, and it's no less than a share of His saving cross, that, while rough-hewn and heavy, is made light with His grace, and with the knowledge that the cross alone leads to glory and salvation—and to union with our True Spouse. (learn more)

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