“Kresta in the Afternoon” – May 1, 2015 – Hour 1

+  Little Boy: A Film on Faith and Family

  • Description: Little Boy is the story of a young boy who will do whatever it takes to end World War II and bring his father home. The indescribable love between father and son is the basis for a heartwarming tale. We speak with the film’s producer and director, Alejandro Monteverde
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+  Back to Basics: Forming Intentional Disciples

  • Description: Consider the following statistics: Only 30 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing. 10 percent of all American adults are ex-Catholics. Only 60 percent of Catholics believe in a personal God. As we’ve said before, we’re surrounded by Catholics who have been Sacramentalized but not Evangelized. A lot of people see this as a sign of the end, that the Church in the US is on the way out. Sherry Weddell sees it as an opportunity to regrow the Church on a solid foundation of committed, intentional Disciples of Christ. She joins us today.
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    • Sherry Weddell

      Sherry Weddell is the International Co-Director and co-founder of Catherine of Siena Institute. She created the first charism discernment process specifically designed for Catholics. Sherry is the author of several books including “Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus” and “Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples" and is an international speaker on discipleship and evangelization.

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+  Back to Basics: Forming Intentional Disciples (con't)

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