Kresta in the Afternoon – May 1, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – No Ordinary Funeral

    On Saturday Bishop John Quinn of the Archdiocese of Detroit will celebrate a funeral for the "Hodari babies," a group of aborted children who were discovered over the last two months in the trash dumpster at Woman Care abortion clinic on Southfield Road in Lathrup Village, Michigan. Through the efforts of Monica Miller and Citizens for a Pro-life Society, there will be a funeral Mass celebrated and the babies will then be buried.  This is no ordinary funeral. There are still too many of our fellow citizens who don't even acknowledge that the people who will be buried this Saturday are people at all. To mourn their deaths publicly, therefore, is not just to honor them, but to sound a wake-up call to our nation that we are living amidst the biggest holocaust of all time. Monica joins us.

    Second Topic – May 1, 2003: “Mission Accomplished” In Iraq

    It was 5 years ago today that President Bush boarded and aircraft carrier and declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. New, former Green Beret Michael Yon says America’s newest “greatest generation” of soldiers is turning defeat and disaster into victory and hope in Iraq. Yon is no cheerleader. According to the New York Times, he has logged more time in combat situations in Iraq than any other reporter. When failed American leadership was driving Iraq into chaos and civil war, nobody told the story earlier or better than Yon. The top brass was so mad that twice the U.S. military denied him access to Iraq. So Yon has supreme credibility when he says that we are finally winning, not primarily with our overwhelming technology, not with shock and awe destruction, but with the even more powerful force of American values--with the courage and leadership, strength and compassion of our soldiers.

    Third Topic – The Truth About China in the 21st Century

    U.S. congressional leaders continue to call on President Bush to boycott China's Olympics opening ceremonies and revealed today that China has been pressuring U.S. hotels in Beijing to prevent guests' access to the Internet. Meanwhile, police in southern China have taken into custody scores of youngsters suspected of being underage workers after a muckraking newspaper exposed a child labor racket this week. Traveling to China regularly since 1967, and spending all of 2005 and 2006 there, Guy Sorman saw it all. He gives a human face to brutal oppression in today's China. He introduces us to the daily suffering of many individual human lives: students thrown into exile for signing their names to political leaflets, pregnant women beaten for being pregnant without the authorization of the state. He joins us.

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