Kresta in the Afternoon – March 6, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Judge orders homeschoolers into gvmt. education

    A California court has ruled that several children in one homeschool family must be enrolled in a public school or "legally qualified" private school, and must attend, sending ripples of shock into the nation's homeschooling advocates as the family reviews its options for appeal. The Home School Legal Defense Association called it a “very bad decision” which “holds that homeschooling is not a legal option in California.” We discuss this case with Jim Mason of The Home School Legal Defense Association.

    Second Topic – Archbishop takes disciplinary action against rebel priest

    Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis has announced that he will pursue the laicization of a priest who now heads a breakaway Polish parish. The announcement came yesterday after Father Marek Bozek refused to attend a scheduled midday meeting. The archbishop had summoned Father Bozek to answer complaints about his unauthorized activity at St. Stanislaus Church. The priest's refusal to attend the meeting was a "further act of contempt for the requirements of communion with the Church," the archbishop said. Canon lawyer Ed Peters joins us to discuss this issue.

    Third Topic – La Shish Restaurant Chain Closes Down for Good

    The La Shish restaurant chain, which helped popularize Middle Eastern cuisine in metro Detroit, went out of business this week -- the victim of bad publicity involving its fugitive owner, Talal Chahine , who federal prosecutors linked to terrorism. Chahine fled to Lebanon after being indicted on tax evasion charges. We talk with Detroit Free Press reporter David Ashenfelter about this story.

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