Kresta in the Afternoon – March 5, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Upstream: The Ascendance of American Conservatism

    Alfred Regnery has been a part of the American conservative movement since childhood. The outpouring of grief at the funeral of Ronald Reagan in 2004 -- and the acknowledgment that Reagan has come to be considered one of the greatest presidents of the twentieth century -- is Regnery's opening for a fascinating insider story of the history and future of the conservative movement. He is with us to give perspective to how the most vibrant political and cultural force of our time has influenced American culture, politics, economics, foreign policy, and all institutions and sectors of American life.

    Second Topic – Building Better Families

    For more than a decade, Matthew Kelly has been traveling the world inspiring people to become the-best-version-of-themselves. During this time he has been amazed at how regularly he is asked: How do I encourage my children to embrace this message? How does your message apply to a family? Matthew joins us to look at the changing face of the family in our culture, the priorities of your family culture, and the broader and deeper significance of family for society and the Church.

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