Kresta in the Afternoon – March 4, 2009 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – March 7, 1964: Pope Paul VI celebrates Mass in Italian, implementing one of the most significant changes of Vatican II - worship in the vernacular

    On March 7, 1964, at a parish church in Rome, Pope Paul VI celebrated Mass in Italian instead of Latin, implementing one of the most significant changes of the Second Vatican Council - worship in the vernacular. Liturgical expert Fr. Peter Stravinskas is with us to look at exactly what the Council taught, how it was received, its impact on the faith around the world, and a history of the discussion of celebration of Mass in the vernacular.

    Second Topic – DC Voucher Program in Jeopardy

    Since 2004, there has been a congressionally funded school voucher program in the District of Columbia. But unless it is reauthorized by the Congress this week, and approved by the District, the program will be terminated at the end of the next school year. We apparently have money these days for every conceivable government program and corporate bailout, but we may come up short in providing scholarship money to the indigent in the nation’s capital. What is really disturbing about this is the fact that those who claim to champion the interests of the poor are the very ones standing in their way. That’s because their real allegiance is to the teachers unions who funnel money to them; it is not to the poor. We talk with Marcus Winter, Fellow in Education Policy at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

    Third Topic – Would you like to see America’s divorce rate cut in half? Mike McManus says he knows how.

    Mike & Harriet McManus are Co-Chairs of Marriage Savers, a ministry whose goal is to help churches and communities cut their divorce rate and raise their marriage rate. They have helped the clergy of more than 200 cities adopt a Community Marriage Policy, an agreement across denominational lines, to make marriage such a priority in their churches that divorce rates fall. According to a study by the Institute for Research & Evaluation, divorce rates dropped in the first 114 cities with a Community Marriage Policy saving 30,000 to 50,000 marriages by 2001. With six more years and 100 more CMP cities, perhaps 100,000 divorces have been averted. Mike will be in metro Detroit in the next couple days to conduct Marriage Summits. He is with us to discuss the approach.

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