Kresta in the Afternoon – March 28, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic - Apostles of Atheism

    Only eight percent of Americans are atheists, according to the National Cultural Values Survey, yet atheism was the “it” religion in 2007, with just three best-selling books generating much of the media coverage.  “The Roar of Atheist Books” was the seventh biggest religion story of 2007 according to Time magazine. To assess the news media’s coverage of atheism in 2007, The Culture and Media Institute examined the morning, evening, late night and weekend news programs on all three broadcast networks, and all issues of the three leading weekly news magazines. The results will shock you.

    Second Topic - The film is accurate. Will Muslims rage against truth?

    The long-anticipated and discussed short film on Islam by Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been released on the internet. The 15-minute film links Islam to violence and concludes with a call upon Muslims to rip “hate preaching verses” out of the Koran.  The predicted and predictable outrage has also begun. We analyze it with Islam expert Sandra Keating, member of the Vatican Commission on Interreligious Dialogue with Muslims.

    Third Topic - Canada just became a scarier place for the disabled

    Robert Latimer, a Saskatchewan farmer who killed his disabled daughter, has been released on parole. The decision comes from the appeal division of the Canadian National Parole Board and is a direct reversal of a regional board’s ruling. Latimer was convicted in 1993 of killing his daughter Tracy, who suffered from cerebral palsy. He called it a “mercy killing.” A father who placed his able-bodied daughter in a car and choked her to death would provoke unanimous outrage. But because Tracy was disabled, and thus particularly vulnerable, we are ambivalent about the crime and even aggressively sympathetic to the criminal. Canadian commentator Michael Coren joins us.

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