Kresta in the Afternoon – March 24, 2009 – Hour 2

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    First Topic – Religious Freedom in Danger in NY

    An 18-year-old who was allegedly raped by a public school teacher the week after Thanksgiving is out of luck—the 90 day clock allowed by law to file a claim for an offense in a public institution is up. But a student who was allegedly raped in a Catholic or Jewish school when JFK was president could bring suit. This doesn’t sound like reality – but it’s a proposed law in they state of NY. Michael Dunnigan, a civil and canon lawyer, is with us.

    Second Topic – Epic: A Journey Through Church History

    The epic story of the Catholic Church spans thousands of years. With an unlikely beginning in a remote outpost of the Roman empire, the Catholic Church now claims more than one billion living members. The persecutions, martyrdoms, conquests, and triumphs all came together to shape Western civilization as we know it today. Our identity as Catholics means that we are the inheritors of the deeds of holy men and women who for 2,000 years have built a great civilization and spread the Gospel throughout the world. Church history is not just the recitation of popes, people, places, and events; it is a story of adventure, intrigue, rebellion, reform, and devotion. This story is, in fact, our story; this is our family. Epic presents twelve color-coded time periods of Church history that identify major events in Church history, culture, and politics, as well as the popes, martyrs, saints and Doctors of the Church. Developed by teachers and historians Steve Weidenkopf and Dr. Alan Schreck, this exciting learning system will teach you Church history from a truly Catholic perspective. We examine it.

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