Kresta in the Afternoon – March 21, 2016 – Hour 1

+  Kresta News Roundup

+  What Did Christ Know and When Did He Know It?

  • Description: The film “The Young Messiah” has raised the question of what Jesus understood in His human knowledge, a question that has a much more complicated history than many realize. When dealing with such matters, it’s important to look not just at individual statements from theologians but at the whole history of how the doctrine has been handled. Jimmy Akin joins us with a review of the Church’s teaching on Christ’s human knowledge, from the early Church fathers to modern popes.
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    • Jimmy Akin
      Jimmy Akin is an internationally-known author and speaker and a senior apologist for Catholic Answers and a weekly guest on Catholic Answers Live. He’s the author of “The Drama of Salvation: How God Rescues You from Your Sins and Delivers You to Eternal Life” and several other books and a regular writer for National Catholic Register. Join his Secret Information Club at
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+  Pilgrimage Preview: Corinth

  • Description: This fall is your opportunity to travel in the footsteps of St. Paul with Al, Steve Ray and Bishop Earl Boyea. You’ll visit Athens, Thessaloniki, Philippi and many other sites. You’ll also tour Corinth, one of the largest and most important cities of Ancient Greece. Steve tells us more about this historic city today.
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