Kresta in the Afternoon – March 20, 2020 – Hour 2

+  The Quest for St. Joseph

  • Description: St Joseph is one of the most important people in the New Testament, and yet the Scriptures mention very little about him. The gospels mention him by name only 15 times and he is never directly quoted. Who was he, and how did he become so popular? We'll talk with Sandra Miesel.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Sandra Miesel
      Sandra Miesel is an American medievalist and writer. She is the author of hundreds of articles on history and art, among other subjects, and has written several books, including The Da Vinci Hoax: Exposing the Errors in The Da Vinci Code, which she co-authored with Carl E. Olson.
  • + Articles Mentioned:

+  US reporting mechanism for episcopal abuse cases launched

+  Kresta Comments: The War is the Passion

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    • This War Is the Passion

      Originally published in 1941, this book by the renowned British mystic and spiritual writer Caryll Houselander is once again new as modern readers learn from Houselander's encouragement of her compatriots to view their experience of World War II through the lens of Christ's passion. Writing with the intensity and immediacy of life in London during the blitz, Houselander's thought-provoking reflections continue to speak to believers today about the complex challenge they face to find Christ in the midst of the War on Terror. Writing in the tradition of Julian of Norwich, Catherine of Siena, and Teresa of Avila, Houselander's words resonate with Christians today regardless of their perspective on theology and the Church. (learn more)

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