Kresta in the Afternoon – March 17, 2009 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – “A New Approach to Life”

    This weekend the Diocese of Lansing and the Catholic Medical Association will present their 13th Annual Rose Mass for Catholic health care workers. Bishop Earl Boyea will celebrate Mass a St. Patrick’s Church in Whitmore Lake, MI followed by a dinner banquet at Barton Hills Country Club. The keynote speaker will be Dr. William Chavey. He joins us to look at the event and “A New Approach to Life.”

    Second Topic – Five Reasons This Week’s Papal Trip Is Important

    John Allen says whenever there’s big papal news in the air, his phone usually rings off the hook from media outlets in various parts of the globe. If the phone isn’t ringing, therefore, it’s a fairly reliable sign that the pope’s current trip to Africa is currently flying below radar. As John sits in Cameroon right now, he says the silence from my phone is deafening. He is here to give us five reasons the papal trip to Africa is important.

    Third Topic – Michael Steele: Man of Steel or Mind of Jello?

    Round and round and round he goes where the charming and witty and bright-eyed Michael Steele lands nobody knows…least of all pro-lifers. As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Steele conducted an interview with GQ. The Catholic and reportedly pro-life Steele seemed to go out of his way to acknowledge a woman’s right to choose abortion. Then he issued a clarification stating how solidly pro-life he is. Then a 2006 Meet the Press interview came out in which he said he thinks Roe v. Wade should stand. Deal Hudson is here to help sort this out.

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