Kresta in the Afternoon – March 16, 2007 – Hour 2

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    First Segment - Catholic Nursing Homes Forced into Assisted Suicide?

    Under legislation pending in California, nursing homes, hospices, group homes, rehabilitation centers, and other facilities (except acute care hospitals) cannot prevent assisted suicide from taking place in their facilities. This would include those with religious objections, since only acute care hospitals are authorized to refuse assisted suicide on their premises. Bioethicist Wesley Smith explains.

    Second Segment - My Most Enduring Spiritual Lesson

    We continue our series entitled “My Most Enduring Spiritual Lesson.” Each day a well-known Catholic leader will join us to share their most enduring spiritual lesson learned through experiences in their lives. Today, the man who is best known for bringing down assisted suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian - Dick Thompson. He’s a warrior for life, the family and the culture in the courtroom, and he’s with us to share his most enduring spiritual lesson.

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