Kresta in the Afternoon – March 13, 2008 – Hour 1

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    4:00 p.m. - A Rush to Injustice

    It was two years ago today. A rowdy party, booze, boys, and a stripper-and after a wild night of living it up, charges of assault and rape were leveled at certain members of the Duke lacrosse team. When the district attorney brought charges, it seemed like an easy verdict. Few suspected then that this national blockbuster of a news story was all based on lies. Seasoned trial attorney Nader Baydoun to explain the misconduct that led to a rush to judgment and a gross injustice.

    4:20 p.m. - Please Stop Laughing at Us

    Jodee Blanco, in a groundbreaking investigation, walks down the hallways of today's schools to find realistic solutions to the serious problem of bullying. Trusted advice on how educators, parents, and caregivers can prevent school bullying is weaved throughout the author's own survival story as well as narratives from other victims of intimidation. Jodee joins us.

    4:40 p.m. - Catholic Education Foundation

    In 1960 there were 8 million high school students in the United States, of which 800,000 went to Catholic High School - 10% of the high school population. These U.S. students were taught mainly by the consecrated religious. 73% of the faculty were religious, the balance being dedicated lay persons. Today, of the 13 million high school students in the United States, only about 625,000 (less than 5%) attend Catholic High School. Only 5.8% of the teachers are consecrated religious. The Catholic Education Foundation is a national, grass roots effort to preserve and expand an extremely important asset that is in danger of disappearing. That asset is the Catholic Secondary School. We talk with board member Fr. Peter Stravinskas.

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