Kresta in the Afternoon – March 1, 2007 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    First Segment - The Liberation of Iraq and the Failure of Good Intentions

    John Agresto spent a little over nine months in Iraq. His job, was to help Iraq rebuild its once highly regarded education system. As he left Iraq, Agresto was asked by the Pentagon to write a few paragraphs for the future about this formative and transitional time; from those paragraphs Mugged by Reality was born.

    Second Segment - Authentically Catholic education

    The Cardinal Newman Society has been fighting for years to keep Catholic institutions of higher learning on track with Church teaching. Recent success indicates that the battle is being won. We check in with its President - Patrick Reilly.

    Third Segment - A theology of fasting

    Pope John Paul II called on us to build a holier Church, and in his 1995 letter Orientale Lumen, exhorted Latin Catholics in particular to learn from their Eastern brethren so that the Church can again breathe with both lungs. During this Lent, may we receive the gift of fasting as just such a practice that unites, purifies, and strengthens us as the one Body of Christ. We examine a theology of fasting.

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